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Pittwater Animal Hospital sees a huge range of injured wildlife mainly brought in by the public. We also see sick animals brought in by WIRES and Sydney Wildlife carers. PAH has a dedicated wildlife hospital ward and does all care and treatment free of charge. 

If you find injured wildlife it can be brought into our hospital, assessed and then we will contact a carer to come and look after the animal. Not all animals can be saved. Many are humanely euthanaised. 

If you leave an animal with us we would like to know where you found it and some contact details in case the carer needs to contact you. We have all our wildlife records as a paper system so we can not always give you an accurate history of what happened to each individual animal. Be assured that we look after each animal as kindly as possible.

If you find an injured animal the easiest way to pick it up is with a towel then place it in a secure box. Remember to always look after your own safety. Any dangerous animal may be better left alone.

Pittwater Animal Hospital does not come out to retrieve injured animals. WIRES or Sydney Wildlife should be contacted if you have any concerns. Some excellent advice can be found on their websites and Facebook pages. We have included some of the most useful information below.


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