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Vets & Nurses

Dr Eamon Grattan-Smith Pittwater Animal Hospital. 1 Arnott Crescent Warriewood NSW 2102 Ph:99137979 vet near me

Dr Eamon Grattan-Smith

Eamon graduated from the University of Sydney and started practice in 1991 at Randwick Veterinary Hospital. After a few ‘new graduate’ years the wanderlust set in, and he embarked on a five-year world veterinary tour. On the exotic front, he helped tag and release rhinos in Africa and joined a volunteer program dedicated to looking after the street dogs of Bali. More formal experience was gained at the University of Georgia in the USA and Cambridge in the UK. After three British winters Eamon was ready to return home. In 1997 he completed the first internship at the Veterinary Specialist Centre, North Ryde. Coming from a large medical family, it was a natural progression toward the medical side of veterinary science, and Eamon became a member of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in internal medicine. After four years at Balmain Vet Hospital and more time in the United Kingdom, he settled on a full-time position at PAH, becoming a partner with Bryn in 2009. Further post-graduate training in ultrasound has coincided with the addition of a new ultrasound machine for PAH. On the personal side, Eamon is married and has two young children, Oliver and Joss. They all share a cavoodle named Obi, two guinea pigs and three chooks. Eamon says he is a keen golfer, a struggling surfer and a very struggling guitarist.

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Dr Jill King Pittwater Animal Hospital. 1 Arnott Crescent Warriewood NSW 2102 Ph:99137979 vet near me

Dr Jill King

In 2018 after working part-time at Pittwater for 23 years and also working as an Emergency Veterinarian at NEVS, Jill embarked on a new path as Partner at Pittwater Animal Hospital. Jill has been seeing your animals here at Pittwater Animal Hospital since the early 1990’s. In this time she has been advisor and confidant to many families on how to care for and enjoy their pets.  Jill has often seen three generations of a family and all their pets and knows how important their animals are. Back home in Newport she is mother to 3 mostly grown up children and is a happy member of the community.

Jill is a very capable general practitioner. In consults she uses a problem solving approach to try to gather the most information to diagnose your pet’s problem. A keen interest in soft tissue surgery means Jill is happy to perform complex surgeries and has excellent protocols for good results. Because of the importance of dental health in animals, Jill initiated the Pittwater Dental Program. Discounted dentals are done to encourage regular cleaning and this has seen fantastic results. Jill is also interested in animal behavior. She tries to give advice at health checks and vaccinations on good techniques for settling pets in your new home. If a pet’s behavior is still difficult, Jill offers behavior consultations that can be very helpful. Jill goes out of her way to learn just how your pet fits into your life so she can help make ownership a really positive experience for you.

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Dr Heidi Furber Pittwater Animal Hospital. 1 Arnott Crescent Warriewood NSW 2102 Ph:99137979 vet near me

Dr Heidi Furber

As a child Heidi spent a lot of time with an animal-loving aunty. This experience led to an epiphany at the age of seven: She wanted to become a vet. However, five years would pass before she acquired the first pet she could call her own, a black West Highland terrier-cross called Willow. After qualifying in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery from Cambridge University in 1993, Heidi worked for three years in mixed practice in England, developing an interest in cardiology and internal medicine. Deciding it was time for a break, she embarked on travels to Africa. There she met “an English girl’s ultimate dream” – a handsome Aussie named Richard. He brought her to Australia in 1997, and Heidi began working long hours in a small but very busy animal practice. Following the birth of daughter Zoe in 2000, they moved to the Northern Beaches. In 2003 Heidi was, in her words, “incredibly fortunate” to start work at Pittwater Animal Hospital. Son Max arrived in 2004. Over the past few years Heidi has developed a particular interest in dematology, undertaking a postgraduate course in Veterinary Dermatology in 2009, as well as subsequent courses since then. She enjoys all aspects of treating pets with itchy skin, allergies and ear problems, as well as offering advice about preventing such problems from recurring. Away from PAH, Heidi balances her time between her passions for skiing, travelling, reading, long walks along our beautiful coastline (she recently completed the Wild Women on Top Coastrek to raise money for the Fred Hollows Foundation) and, of course, ferrying kids around to their various activites.

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Dr Jennifer Stewart Pittwater Animal Hospital. 1 Arnott Crescent Warriewood NSW 2102 Ph:99137979 vet near me

Dr Jennifer Stewart

Jen commenced her veterinary career as a part-time nurse right here at Pittwater Animal Hospital while studying to become a vet. The experience couldn’t have hurt. She graduated from the University of Sydney with honours in 2007 and holds degrees in both Veterinary Science and Biochemistry. Her first job as a vet at a mixed practice in Dubbo gave her the opportunity to work with small animals, horses and some farm stock. After a tick season back at PAH Jen disappeared to the UK where she worked in a mixed practice in Lincolnshire for a few months then moved south of London for a year. Next came a few months travelling around Europe. She returned to Australia to work in equine and small animal practice before rejoining us. Jen loves being a vet, especially surgery and emergency medicine. Jen owns a gorgeous Jack Russell cross Lulu. Outside of work Jen is into running and horse riding while also dabbling in painting and tennis.

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Dr Juliet Smithyman Pittwater Animal Hospital. 1 Arnott Crescent Warriewood NSW 2102 Ph:99137979 vet near me

Dr Juliet Smithyman

Juliet grew up on the Northern Beaches and graduated from the University of Sydney in 1998. After graduation she set off with her backpack for a 2 year working holiday in the UK. 14 years later she returned with a husband, baby boy, 3 dogs and shipping container. Juliet combined travelling the world with working in several busy small animal practices in England, before undertaking a Masters degree at London Zoo. A three year residency in Zoo Animal Medicine at the University of Cambridge and Jersey Zoo then followed. Although she loved zoo work, Juliet learnt to appreciate patients that didn’t want to bite, scratch or attack her and returned to small animal and exotic practice.

After the birth of her son Charlie, the draw of the Northern Beaches as the perfect place to raise her family was too strong, so to the delight of her parents she moved back to Collaroy. Juliet worked as a locum in a couple of local practices before having her daughter Isla in 2015. After maternity leave, Juliet joined the Pittwater Animal Hospital team in early 2016, again delighting her parents since they’ve been clients here for over 10 years.

Juliet loves getting to know both her patients and her clients in equal measure. Juliet has a strong interest in exotic pets (particularly the furry or scaly ones), but enjoys all aspects of general practice. Juliet works part-time, juggling work with 2 small children and three unruly dogs. Ralph and Rufus the miniature schnauzers, and Matilda, the very small, but very naughty, miniature pinscher. In the little spare time she has, Juliet enjoys being active and being outdoors. Our vet Heidi has recently introduced her to joys of long distance walks along our beautiful coastline.  Most weekends, Juliet and her husband also try to find time to renovate their retro styled home and drag it into the 21st century, so she can often be spotted at the local Bunnings store.

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Dr Trudie Vestey

Dr Trudie Vestey

We were very pleased to have Dr Trudie Vestey join the Pittwater Team in early 2020. Trudie has worked in general practice since graduating from Sydney University in 2006. As a Northern Beaches local, Trudie has been looking for a place where she can practice a high standard of veterinary medicine as well being a community veterinarian.

Dr Trudie has really enjoyed the level of devotion and concern Pittwater’s clients have for their pets. It means we can establish great health protocols as well as investigating complex medical and surgical cases.

In her spare time Trudie coaches and plays hockey, (even scoring the occasional goal). She enjoys walking her dog in Curl Curl and spending time with her young family.

Dr Bryn Lynar Pittwater Animal Hospital. 1 Arnott Crescent Warriewood NSW 2102 Ph:99137979 vet near me

Dr Bryn Lynar

Bryn holds degrees in both Agricultural and Veterinary Science. After graduating in 1979, he worked in Double Bay, Canberra, Young, Bathurst (10 years) and now Warriewood. His 12 years in rural practice gave Bryn experience in diverse orthopaedic, surgical and medical problems involving a wide range of pet and farm animals. His work with WIRES (he was president of the Central West Branch 1990-92) also helped develop his interest in wildlife, reptiles and birds. Since becoming the principal veterinarian at PAH, Bryn has continued to improve treatments for tick paralysis, refined his techniques in orthopaedic surgery and studied bird medicine. Naturally enough, these have become important aspects of his current practice. The sustained growth of Pittwater Animal Hospital is a reflection of his commitment to providing the highest quality care to pets of the Northern Beaches. Bryn is married with three grown-up sons. He and his wife Kathy enjoy trekking, not just in remote areas of Australia but in the rest of the world as well. Bryn also likes canyoning, mountain bike riding, sailing, golfing and the company of his Norfolk terrier, Jindi, often seen with him at work and making house calls. Away from these duties, Jindi loves swimming, ball playing and chasing ducks.

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And now, Your Nurses

Sarah Yelavic

-Sarah has been one of our hard-working vet nurses for many years but has been away on maternity leave looking after the beautiful Vinnie. In 2018 Sarah is embarking on a fabulous new journey to really step-up our customer care. Sarah manages reception with the aim to make your visits as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

We deal with all sorts of problems in this very large veterinary hospital and realise that in times of stress our customers and our patients can become anxious. Sarah always knows the best ways to settle your nerves and help your pet feel more relaxed.

The reception team are often busy but they are aiming to give you the best service they can, to ensure all our customers are well cared for.


Lisa Cornelius

-Lisa is one of our most experienced veterinary nurses having years of experience at PAH as well as at the Emergency Service. Lisa makes sure all our hospitalised patients have an excellent level of monitoring and care. She does this by ensuring treatment protocols are followed and that all our nursing staff are well trained and practice their nursing techniques.

Lisa sets the expectations of care and encourages the whole team to be looking out for even the smallest problems in our patient care. Our nurses are encouraged to be vigilant and speak up early if a patient’s condition is deteriorating.  At hand over periods, the nursing staff problem-solve any difficult cases as well as discussing how challenging cases have been resolved.

Lisa and her team are looking after the care and well being of the pets that you have entrusted to Pittwater Animal Hospital. They are in good hands.


Genevieve Uren

– Genevieve is a highly qualified senior veterinary nurse. Gen has been working at Pittwater Animal Hospital for over 10 years. She is the quiet achiever of the practice. When you ask Gen to do something you know it will get done.  Gen is a local Narrabeen girl and not a day goes by when someone she knows doesn’t come in. It is great having Genevieve on the team. She looks after our client and patients with a superior level of care and a minimum of fuss. We hope she stays forever!

Ella Vieni

– Ella is part of our senior nursing team along with Lisa and Gen. Ella helps with the organisation of the hospital including co-ordinating all our student volunteers.  Another local Northern Beaches lady, Ella gives an excellent level of care to our in patients and is very knowledgeable on reception. We know that Ella will always be looking out for your pet’s best interest.


Ellen Lydiate

– Ellen trained as a veterinary nurse right here at Pittwater Animal Hospital. She is now a qualified vet nurse but it has become obvious to us that her best skills are in customer service. Ellen is delightful on reception and on the phone. We are so pleased to have Ellen being one of the friendly faces of Pittwater Animal Hospital. We are sure you will find her extremely helpful and pleasant.



Zia Vaughan-Johnson

– Zia is our most recent qualified nurse. After completing a degree in digital marketing, Zia decided her passion was veterinary nursing. She trained at Murwillumbah up in the Northern Rivers. It has been a big move down to Sydney, but Zia is really enjoying working with such a wonderful team. Zia is particularly impressed how caring and responsible our Pittwater Animal Hospital clients are. She enjoys caring for your pets as well as helping the hospital run efficiently.

Louise Colombari

-Loiuse came to Pittwater over 10 years ago originally as a vet nurse from Allambie. Louise however has hidden talents. She has been a head high school music teacher and has various qualifications in dog training and behaviour through the Delta Society. Very soon after arriving she started running our Puppy School and the program has never been better.  Louise is a remarkable teacher and gives excellent advice for the new puppy owner.

It is wonderful to see someone so passionate about their job. When not training your puppies Louise does veterinary nursing part-time and keeps our equipment and computers running smoothly.  Louise also does in-house training seminars and plays a mean organ.

Louise has been running puppy classes in our dedicated room for many years. The aim of Louise’s classes is to teach you how to communicate best with your new dog.  The classes teach you good strategies to navigate puppydom so you end up with a calm, confident companion.