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Reverse Sneezing

One of the most common questions vets are asked is about dogs funny breathing noises. After years of us trying to imitate the canine reverse sneeze we thought it was time we put some examples for you to watch.

A reverse sneeze as a sharp intake of breath usually in dogs. They do this when their noses are irritated and in some dogs it is a life-time problem. A reverse sneezing dog can breath properly and just like us having repeated sneezes the dog is not in any danger. Sometimes stroking them calmly and extending their necks can stop a reverse sneezing episode. If the problem is worsening or you are concerned please come and see us.

If your pet is making intermittent funny breathing noises the best idea is to grab a smart phone and start filming. It will save a lot of funny charades in the consultation room.

Reverse sneeze example 1 Staffie Cross

Reverse sneeze example 2 King Charles Spaniel

Reverse sneeze example 3 Chihuahua

Reverse sneeze example 4 Pug Cross

Reverse sneeze example 5 Italian Greyhound

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