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Welcome to Pittwater Animal Hospital. We are very pleased you have chosen our veterinary hospital for the care of your pets. We hope to give you service beyond your normal expectations. 

As a new client we would like to inform you about all the services and extra care we can give you and your pets. 

Starting with a summary of our family owned veterinary hospital. 

  • Pittwater Animal Hospital has two dedicated customer service staff in our reception area. The lovely Sarah has been with us for more than 10 years and is in charge of ensuring your customer service experience is the best it can possibly be.  Sarah is ably assisted by the wonderful Steph who has our reception running very smoothly. They work to keep you well informed and make your visit to the vet an overall pleasant experience. Our three consultation rooms, one a quiet cat room, are places where we can make your pet feel safe. 
  • Pittwater Animal Hospital has six veterinarians and numerous appointment sessions so we can see you sooner with less waiting times. Having a big team means we can all bring our different interests and skills, giving superior attention to your pets. Our communication is a high priority so you can be best cared for. 
  •  At we have fully embraced the digital age. Appointments can be booked, medication requested and boarding booked all online.
  • Our Vets
    • Dr Heidi Furber: With over 20 years as a small animal vet, Heidi’s interests lie in difficult skin cases and excellence in patient management. Heidi is interested and enthusiastic and ready to help with any problem.
    • Dr Eamon Grattan-Smith: Wins the prize for bedside manners and pampering. Dr Eamon also has over 20 years experience and has a love for complex, difficult medical cases.
    • Dr Jill King: Has also practiced as as vet for over 20 years – most of those at PAH. Jill loves to solve a problem and is an accomplished surgeon. She is very helpful with encouraging settled behaviour in your pets.
    • Dr Jennifer Stewart: We think of as the young one, but Dr Jen has been a vet for over 10 years. She is a practical, caring vet who is also doing extra studies in complex surgeries.
    • Dr Juliet Smithyman: Has taken on the responsibility of our main exotics vet. PAH has always had the reputation of being the place to go for birds and reptiles. Dr Juliet’s zoo background is invaluable. (She is also a fantastic general vet).
    • Dr Bryn Lynar: As owner of Pittwater Animal Hospital for 25 years Dr Bryn developed a great following of clients. He has stepped back at work but still does special sessions to see people who can’t do without him. Dr Bryn’s over 30 years of experience make his knowledge and techniques, especially with birds and reptiles, absolutely invaluable.
  • Pittwater Animal Hospital has five full-time, fully qualified veterinary nurses who care for our patients in the hospital. Having a dedicated reception team has freed up our nurses to concentrate on what they do best, which is looking after your pets. Gen, Ella, Ellen and Zia are lead by Lisa and are a great team. Our part-timers Abbi and Cara are in training but learning very quickly.
  • Pittwater Animal Hospital has a broad range of hospital facilities including a dedicated surgery room for general and orthopaedic surgery, anaesthesia and patient monitoring equipment, in-house blood and urine analysers, microscope, numerous fluid pumps, nasal oxygen equipment, dental console, digital xray, ultrasound, complete veterinary pharmacy, separate dog, cat and bird hospital sections, cat boarding, isolation facilities, puppy school room and more. (A quick tour can be arranged if you are interested.)
  • Pittwater Puppy School is not only one of the first established on the Northern Beaches but has one of the best reputations. Our main trainer Louise is a qualified high school teacher, qualified vet nurse, qualified delta trainer (and plays the organ)! The small class format in a dedicated, air-conditioned puppy school room gives plenty of attention to each family. 
  • Pittwater Rehab Sessions are run by Fran in our puppy school room on Fridays. What started as a service to improve our orthopaedic patients after surgery, has become a vital service to help retain your pet’s mobility as they age.
  • Our website contains a library of clear, concise explanations for both health problems and preventative health. To find what you are looking for at go to the search icon at the top of the page. A search of the website will give you information about things such as diarrhoea or vomiting, or explain more complex diagnoses such as diabetes or pancreatitis. Our clients are often linked back to the website to explain treatment options so they can make really informed decisions. 
  • Once your pet is examined we organise a preventative health plan making sure all it’s health needs are covered – in consultation with you. This will include vaccination dates, but can also include application of long acting flea and tick control, long acting heartworm protection in dogs, regular worming or even periodic rechecks. When things are due a Text Reminder is sent to your phone. Most people love the fact we have everything covered and remembered, but if you don’t, we can adjust reminders to suit.
  • If you would like to receive regular updates on what is happening at the vets plus see interesting animal information from around our area, simply like or follow our Facebook page. Even better go to your settings and follow first.

We are so pleased you have decided to try our veterinary hospital and hope we can establish a long term relationship with you and your pets. 

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