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Heidi, Eamon and Jill are the senior veterinarians and owners of Pittwater Animal Hospital. As a family run practice with no corporate overseer, operational decisions are made between the partners and our very capable practice management staff.

Our management team are dedicated, capable and wonderful to work with. 

Practice Manager

Pittwater Practice Manager – Sarah Yelavic.

Such a large veterinary hospital needs inspiring management. Sarah has been at Pittwater Animal Hospital for over 10 years and knows the ins and out of how our hospital runs. 

Sarah joined the practice as an aspiring vet nurse with a background in pet shops. As a fully trained veterinary nurse she then started to organize our reception. Sarah has been our pound officer for many years and in 2021 took over the Practice Manager role. 

We are so proud of Sarah’s commitment to Pittwater Animal Hospital. She is our go to person with any problem. More importantly Sarah is reorganizing the office and protocols hoping that one day we wont have any unexpected problems to solve.

Well that is the dream….

Email Sarah at

Customer Care Manager

Katharine Cornelius our Customer Care Management

Katharine arrived at Pittwater Animal Hospital as a part-time receptionist but proved so efficient and organized that she has ended up running the reception team. A few years ago like many vets, we had our vet nurses rotating through reception duties. Katharine and her team have transformed the reception role to significantly improve our customer service. 

Pittwater Animal Hospital is now significantly easier to contact through a variety of ways including online booking for Appointments, Puppy School, The Cat Hotel and Adoptions, plus contact forms for medication and new client registration. Our email replies and pathology results are significantly more streamlined. If all else fails call reception on 9913 7979 and they are bound to help with any enquiry.

Pittwater now has a large team of receptionists that are often very busy, but are always aiming to give you the best service they can, to ensure all our customers are well cared for.

Email reception at

Patient Care Manager

Lisa Cornelius our Head Nurse and Patient Care Manager

Lisa is one of our most experienced veterinary nurses having years of experience at PAH as well as at the Emergency Service. Lisa makes sure all our hospitalized patients have an excellent level of monitoring and care. She does this by ensuring treatment protocols are followed and that all our nursing staff are well trained and proficient in their nursing techniques.

Lisa sets the expectations of care. She encourages the whole team to be looking out for even the smallest problems in our patients well being. Our nurses are encouraged to be vigilant and speak up early if a patient’s condition is changing unexpectedly.  At hand-over periods, the nursing staff problem-solve any difficult cases as well as discussing how challenging cases have been managed.

Lisa and her team are looking after the care and well being of the pets that you have entrusted to Pittwater Animal Hospital.

Your pets are in good hands.


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