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Puppy School Trainer

Louise Colombardi

Louise came to Pittwater nearly 12 years ago. Louise has hidden talents. She has been a high school Director of Music and has various qualifications in dog training and behaviour through the Delta Society. Very soon after arriving, she commenced running our Puppy School and the program has never been better.  Louise is a remarkable teacher and gives excellent advice for the new puppy owner.

It is wonderful to see someone so passionate about their job. When not training your puppies, Louise does veterinary nursing part-time and keeps our equipment and computers running smoothly. Louise also does in-house training seminars and keeps up with her music by playing a mean church organ.

Louise has been running puppy classes in our dedicated room for many years. The aim of Louise’s classes is to teach you how to communicate best with your new dog.  The classes teach you good strategies to navigate puppydom so you end up with a calm, confident companion.

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