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Puppy School Trainer

Louise Colombari

Louise came to Pittwater Animal Hospital in 2007 and has a strong and varied background in Education, Administration, Music, Veterinary Nursing, and Behaviour Science and Training.

Louise’s qualifications include a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services (Delta Society Australia) and a Bachelor of Education degree. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer with the Delta Institute, and is currently studying a Diploma in Behaviour Consulting with DogNostics Career Centre (USA). Louise is also categorised as a Progressive Reinforcement Trainer. (see below) 

Very soon after arriving, Louise commenced running our Puppy School and the program has never been better.  Louise is a remarkable teacher and gives excellent advice for the new puppy owner. She also offers one on one behavioural training at your house, in clinic or with COVID 19 as a remote consultation.

It is wonderful to see someone so passionate about their job. When not training your puppies, Louise is attending seminars, workshops and conferences both in person and on-line so as to maintain and grow her knowledge and skills in what is best practice in behaviour and training. She also keeps the hospital equipment running smoothly and presents in-house training seminars for the staff.

Louise keeps up with her enjoyment of music by playing the church organ and running the church choir as their Music Director. She also enjoys participating in the sport and therapy of Nose-Work with her dog Ruby.

Louise has been running puppy classes in our dedicated room for many years and also offers behaviour consultations, one-on-one training and house calls. The aim of Louise’s training is to teach you how to communicate best with your dog.  The classes teach you good strategies to navigate puppydom so you end up with a calm and confident companion. These principles are encompassed across all her training.

Louise has affiliations with:

  • Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia
  • Delta Institute (Delta Society Australia)
  • Australian Pet Dog Trainers
  • Association of Professional Dog Trainers (USA)
  • Pet Professional Guild (USA)
  • Pet Professional Guild (Australia)
  • International Association of Applied Behaviour Consultants


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