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Pittwater Animal Hospital has a new dog behaviour class. These classes are aimed at puppies from 4 months to 2 years and cost $250 for the 5 week course.

Based on the Delta training methods of positive reinforcement and building a trusting relationship with your dog.

Often juvenile dog behaviour can start to cause conflict within the family. Our aim is to embrace the developing brain and, as one of our excellent local trainers Barbara Hodel writes, “Love and Survive your Teenage Dog”.

The first week if a seminar without your dog where learning concepts are discussed to help understand how to communicate with your dog. 

The following 4 weeks will be held consecutively for an hour at the same time each week.

Class size is kept very small with only 4 dogs.

Classes will be held at our quiet, safe enclosed puppy school yard and classroom.

Learning aims include

  • How to calm down
  • Consistent recall
  • Mat training
  • More advanced training – come, sit, lie down, wait, leave it
  • Loose lead walking
  • Mental Exercise and Enrichment Ideas
  • How to play nicely with other dogs
  • Strategies for biting, jumping up and greeting people
  • Trick training and games to play

All owners will be supplied with a click open training pouch for treats valued at $25.The treat pouch allows you to have rewards on you and readily available while you are training your dog, keeping you hands free.

  Teenage Dog Classes Timetable and Booking

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