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Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets

Below you’ll see a list of fact sheets that we have put together to answer some of the questions we hear most frequently. All you have to do is click the (blue) name of the sheet(s) you’re interested in and an Adobe Reader window will open. To print out the sheet, just click the printer icon in the top toolbar.

Of course, you’ll need Adobe Reader to do so. In the unlikely event you don’t have it or you want to make sure you have the very latest version, click the red Adobe Reader icon to the left above. (It’s free.) We’ll wait right here while you download it.

New Puppy Checklist
Important advice for properly looking after new puppies (PDF: 144Kb)
New Kitten Checklist
Important advice for properly looking after new kittens (PDF: 176Kb)
What Happens When Your Pet Has Tick Paralysis
Up-to-the-moment treatments for this area’s most dangerous pet killer (PDF: 160Kb)
Tick Paralysis Discharge Guidelines
Mandatory home-care treatment for recovering animals (PDF: 80Kb)
Fleas – The Basics
The life cycle of fleas and how it affects your pets (PDF: 144Kb)
Why Are Fleas Still There?
A few hints to help you completely eradicate these persistent pests (PDF: 160Kb)
Internal Parasites
The most common internal parasites affecting dogs and cats and recommendations on treating them (PDF: 152Kb)
How these deadly parasites spread and the products and treatments you should use to prevent them (PDF: 156Kb)
Heat Stress Can Be Fatal
Why animals are much more susceptible to heat, what it does to them and how to avoid causal situations (PDF: 96Kb)
Annual Good-Health Screen
Why it makes so much sense for your pet to have a blood profile test along with his/her annual check-up and vaccination (PDF: 76Kb)
Admission Guidelines for Day Surgery or Procedures 
How to prepare for your pet’s extended visit to PAH (PDF: 80Kb)
Post-Operative Care Following De-sexing Dogs

Post-Operative Care Following De-sexing Cats
Some simple precautions to help your pet enjoy a trouble-free recovery (PDF: 160Kb)
Post-Operative Instructions for Your Pet
What to do from the day you bring your pet home until we remove the stitches…and beyond (PDF: 160Kb)
Rabbit Emergencies
How to tell when your rabbit needs immediate veterinary care (PDF: 96Kb)
Food You Love Could Kill Your Pet
The very real dangers of chocolate, macadamia nuts, onions and garlic (PDF: 92Kb)
Which Pets Best Suit the Elderly
We weigh up the pros and cons of different pets for older people living in restricted situations (PDF: 100Kb)
Deciding when the time has come and what happens then (PDF: 148Kb)