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Senior Cats Promo

The Senior Promo offer in June and July – why should you do it?

  • Older animals often hide health problems which can be managed well if picked up early. Cats over 10 qualify as seniors.
  • Our experienced veterinary team can teach you a lot about how to help your pet age happily and healthily.
  • The significant discounts on blood and urine tests during seniors months give extremely valuable information about your pets overall health and ageing status.
  • The amazing offer of 1/2 price Royal Canin premium diets, as part of the work up, gives you the opportunity of seeing how important really good food can be for your pet. (Our advice is to buy the biggest bag as the 50% off is a once off).
  • Your pet will join the Pittwater Dental Program which gives significant discounts for a dental treatment plus scale and polish under GA. 
  • Your pet will receive a full veterinary health check, comprehensive blood and urine tests plus other extras for $259 (valued at over $400).
  • Senior Promo Consultations are only available Monday to Friday in June.

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    We also have a Senior Health Promotion for Dogs

    Our Northern Beaches pets are very well cared for and live for a long time. At Pittwater Animal Hospital we like your pet’s to have long, but more importantly healthy, happy lives.

    As animals and people age there are often hidden problems developing which if undetected a can dramatically decrease the quality of life. Each year we offer to examine your older pets, test their blood and urine and discuss any concerns. This is a great opportunity to give your pet a happier, healthier life.

    Early intervention for things like diabetes, kidney disease and thyroid disease can be life changing. All our veterinarians are very experienced and can guide you to the best way to look after your pet. Often small worries can also be explained. 

    Your cat will receive a full veterinary health check, comprehensive blood and urine tests plus other extras for $259 (valued at over $400).

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    or call us on 9913 7979

    We are offering an amazing 50% off Royal Canin premium pet food when purchased as part of the senior program! 

    The Details

    We are offering this special package for our senior pets in an effort to identify and treat problems early and ensure your pets have the best quality of life as they age. Advancing years don’t necessarily have to be a burden and our aim is to keep your pets fit, happy and bright right into their twilight years.

    Owner observations are an important aspect of health care in all our pets, but are especially important in the senior pet. To give you the best advice at our senior clinic we would like you to fill out a questionnaire online. It helps us to ensure that nothing is overlooked, and tells us about some of the signs that might not be evident on a physical examination.

    In addition to a thorough physical examination, we will be collecting blood for a comprehensive blood panel to be performed at IDEXX laboratories. This will help us obtain a detailed picture of your pet’s internal health. It will also act as a baseline for any future tests and tell us about the red and white blood cells, general biochemistry, kidney and liver function, proteins, electrolytes and thyroid status.

    Our urine analysis equipment gives an excellent window into your cat’s health. Problems such as diabetes, urinary tract infections and kidney disease can be detected well before clinical signs are seen. A urine sample can usually be obtained in the consult if you make sure not to give access to the toilet for 4 hours prior to presentation. If this is not possible we can help you with advice on the collection of urine.

    As a token of our appreciation, we are also offering you other “freebies” to go along with the senior health campaign. Cats can receive a blood pressure test or nail clip. The most effective preventative health medication can be discussed as we do a preventative health reviewThere are also big discounts on Royal Canin premium pet food.

    All animals that participate in the senior health promotion are automatically placed in the Pittwater Dental Program. This entitles your pet to a  discount on a scale and polish package.

    Once all the blood tests, urine tests and examination results have been completed you will be emailed with the full results, veterinary assessment and advice for further management. This is a fantastic record of your pet’s health that can be used as a reference as they age. It is also very pleasing to know if they are very healthy. 

    We look forward to seeing you and your pet for their senior check up.

    Kind Regards Pittwater Animal Hospital

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    or call us on 9913 7979