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All A-Class Veterinary Hospitals like Pittwater Animal Hospital have dedicated surgery suites. This is a sterile room where patients are transferred for surgery once the surgical area has been clipped, cleaned and sterilized. The surgical prep area is in the treatment room just outside the surgery.

Pittwater Surgery Suite has it’s own dedicated anaesthetic machine, patient monitoring equipment, a variety of surgical packs and orthapaedic equipment.

Routine surgeries such as desexing, tumour removals and abdominal exploration are scheduled Monday to Friday in the morning. Animals arrive at 8am with empty stomachs for a pre-anaesthetic check. Most patients have pre-anaesthetic blood tests on the day of surgery.

The Surgery is always ready incase emergency surgery is needed. This can happen with road accidents, caesarians and and if an abdominal foreign body is suspected.

Pittwater Surgery Suite is a suitable standard for our visiting surgeon Dr Eugene Buffa. 

Every one to 2 weeks Dr Eugene arrives with his surgical team for scheduled specialist surgery such a Canine TPLO.  The specialist team use their own kits and specialized equipment but the patients is anaesthetised and prepared by the Pittwater Team. After-care and hospitalisation is then all in the care of Pittwater Animal Hospital.

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