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Tucker Time Dog Rolls

At Pittwater Animal Hospital we are often asked about the dog food sausage that we use for treats in Puppy School and in Consult Rooms. It is an Australian made product called Tucker Time that we have used for over 20 years. Pittwater routinely stocks the chicken and veg sausage

Tucker Time is a complete diet that comes in 1.5kg or 3kg sausages. It is available at reception 2019 price is about $9.90 for 1.5kg and $19.90 for 3kg roll. Tucker Time is highly palatable and an excellent canine diet. Along with using Tucker Time as dog treats we will often add it to food to encourage fussy eaters. Many of our patients use Tucker Time as their complete diet. Feeding guide would be 25-35 grams per kg per day if using Tucker Time as a complete diet. 

Fresh sausages will last in the fridge for 5 days. We tend to cut up the sausages into bite sized chunks and freeze them in containers. From the freezer we place them into the fridge as needed to defrost slowly.

Dogs with gut problems will often improve simply by swapping to a diet of Tucker Time. 

Pittwater Animal Hospital stocks the chicken and veg Tucker Time roll but can also order in some of their more specialised recipes if needed.