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The consultation room is a quiet enclosed space where you can discuss your pet’s health with one of our veterinarians. Pittwater has 4 spacious rooms all equipped with appropriate examination equipment.

Some pets enjoy exploring the room while your pet’s health is discussed, where others may like to hide under a towel or their owner’s chair.

Your veterinarian may call in one of our qualified veterinary nurses to help with procedures such as injections, nail clips, fine needle aspirates, blood and urine collection.

The veterinarian will leave you to wait while medication is prepared or samples are examined.

Anal glands are usually examined in the treatment room to avoid any nasty smells in our consultation rooms.

When coming for a veterinary consultation it is often helpful to write a list of your concerns so we can address all your issues. A complete list of what you might want to discuss can be found on our cat vaccination and dog vaccination pages.

If your pet needs in-hospital care or needs to be booked in for a procedure, your veterinarian can give you a comprehensive estimate of the possible charges and email the estimate breakdown if needed.

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